Glyn Edmunds (Magical Sights)

As a photographer I am a generalist, rather than a specialist, as I shoot a wide range of styles and genres.


I put the emphasis on quality with my images, but quality is a big word and can mean many different things, although it always comes from the skill and technical knowledge of the photographer.  People sometimes ask, “what is quality?”  It is very hard to describe quality, as it includes sharpness, contrast, composition, colour and depth of field, to name just a few, but however you measure it, it is always visible and makes the image stand out!


My home is in Stafford, UK. I have previously lived in Porthcawl, Douglas (Isle of Man), Swindon, Neath, Penygraig and Maerdy.



  • I am now largely retired and a former semi-professional photographer and I have been doing serious photography since 1965
  • I enjoy all aspects of photography, particularly travel, wildlife & studio
  • I was Chair of Pyle & Porthcawl Photographic Society for 9 years from 2010
  • My work has been published in magazines, newspapers, brochures and websites around the world
  • You can find some of my African Wildlife images at
  • I present illustrated talks about the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya and Tanzania to camera clubs and various other societies and organisations


  • I have taught photography to beginners in evening classes several times throughout my career
  • I have won many and various photographic competitions and received many accolades for my work over the years
  • I have been involved in several photography exhibitions, including one-man exhibitions
  • You can find some of my Beauty, Glamour, Flora and Fauna images at
  • If you are interested in purchasing any of my work (images, prints, canvas etc.), or you want to book any of my talks etc., please get in touch using the Contact Me button above