Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city; it has risen in a single century from uninhabited swampland to a thriving modern capital. This is not a modern capital separated from the great wilderness that surrounds it, as just 20 minutes from the city centre is Nairobi National Park which consists of 113 sq km (43 sq miles) of plains, cliffs and forest. The Park is home to large herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, giraffe, rhino, cheetah, and a large number of lions.

Nairobi has everything that you would expect from a bustling city.

The museums include the National Museum for the history and culture of Kenya and East Africa, the Railway Museum, which charts the story of railways in Kenya and gave rise to Nairobi itself, and the Karen Blixen Museum, the author of “Out of Africa”.

Cultural and shopping centres.

The Giraffe Centre, where you can hand-feed the Rothschild giraffes and see them eye-to-eye on the elevated platform.

The world famous David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s elephant orphanage, as featured in many television programmes and films, formed by Dame Daphne Sheldrick in memory of her husband, who created Kenya’s first National Park in Tsavo.