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Magical Sights SafarisAll business for Magical Sights Safaris has been transferred to Classic Journeys Africa

Magical Sights Safaris is operated Glyn Edmunds, a photographer who has visited East Africa many times for photo safaris and relaxation at the beach.  Glyn’s original safari many years ago, was to Kenya with a traditional UK tour operator.

Glyn Edmunds

Although the safari gave him a taste of what East Africa was like, there were 7 people in his minibus, plus the driver, which meant that space was very cramped. In addition, there were several buses in the group and they all went out at the same time and followed each other around.  These congestions made it difficult to get into the right position for photographs.

Glyn was bitten by the safari bug, but he was determined to do better than he did the first time, so he started contacting organisations in Kenya and Tanzania by telephone and fax to try to find reputable and reliable safari companies.  Although it was sometimes hard going, Glyn was able to get private tailor-made safaris for up to 50% cheaper than that offered by traditional UK tour operators.  For obvious reasons, all of his future safaris were private tailor-made safaris, where he and his wife had sole use of the safari vehicle, whether it be minibus or 4-wheel drive, and Glyn chose where to stay and for how long.  This gave him room to even take a tripod for use in the vehicle, although these days he mainly uses bean bags.  His wildlife images have been used by safari companies on their websites and in their brochures for many years.  His images have won awards, acclaim and have been published in magazines around the world.

As Glyn found out, finding reasonably priced, reliable and reputable ground operators/safari companies in East Africa was easier said than done, as most companies offered him what they wanted him to do, not what he wanted!  The disparity in cost between the companies was also huge, but by careful selection, he found organisations that he could work with, as they had the right attitude, were reliable, reputable, reasonably priced and did not add “hidden extras” to the costs.

Having built good relationships with safari companies and found that friends were having the same issues he had, Glyn decided to pass on his experience to others who want an affordable “special” safari that could be relied upon, so he started helping them with their enquiries.  This led him start his own organisation and help anyone.  The costs are identical, so it is as if they contacted the same companies themselves.  The big benefit is being able to discuss what you want with someone who understands and advise on where to go etc., and upon request is able to liaise with the relevant organisations and “translate” each request into language that each party can understand, removing assumptions and hidden quirks, thereby adding value to the transaction and ensuring the safari is a perfect fit.  Note: we are NOT a Travel Agent or Tour Operator and ALL sales related enquiries will be referred to a registered Safari Operator in East Africa.

Overall, this means that everyone can have the safari experience they want, without the headaches and hassle, but with all the advice and support they need!

For those who would like to be accompanied from the UK by a tour guide or a photographer, we are happy to help with these services for you.

The David Sheldrick Wildflie Trust

We have supported The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for many years with their elephant orphanage in Nairobi, rehabilitation to the wild in Tsavo, wildlife veterinary services, de-snaring projects, and their outreach efforts to teach people the value of elephants and wildlife.  Glyn even gives talks to clubs and societies about the DSWT.

We actively encourage everyone to help them; please foster an elephant today.

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